Theresia Bothe
Peter Croton

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folk/pop/original songs

A unique blend of folk, pop & jazz

"THE LUTE PLAYER and other songs", with songs by Peter,
has just been released by Centaur.

"I'll Sing A Song For You", with 13 original songs by Peter Croton, was released in 2008 by ZahZah (Guild)

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What music do we perform?
Our repertoire extends from traditional folk music, jazz standards and original songs, through music of the Baroque and Classical periods.

What "original songs" do we perform?
We perform a variety of songs written by Peter; his main influences are American folk music, jazz and blues, as well as European Baroque music.  The texts are mostly self-written or are by Theresia or Langston Hughes.

Where have we performed together?
We have been performing together regularly since 2003, for example at major festivals (recently at the Rheingau Music Festival and at the Festival des Cordes Sensible), in concert halls, clubs, and churches. 

Have we recorded together?
Our first duo CD, "Love Songs from Five centuries – from Baroque to Folk", is available from Centaur Records (USA). Our second duo CD "I'll sing a song for you", with 13 songs by Peter , has been released by Zah Zah (Guild) in February 2008.

What is our background?
We are both classically trained musicians who grew up singing and playing folk and popular music from our respective home countries. The similarities and differences in our backgrounds have helped us create an approach to performing this music that is at the same time universal and intensely personal. We believe that quality music has no borders, and can touch people of all ages and traditions.

Sample Progam

An Evening of  Folk, Boleros, Standards & Original Songs
Theresia Bothe & Peter Croton
vocals & guitars

Noche de Ronda - words & music by Maria Teresa Lara

Besame mucho - words & music by Consuelo Velasquez

Quizás, Quizás, Quizás - words & music by Osvaldo Farré

You’re running away again - words & music by Peter Croton

She moved through the fair - words traditional, music by P. Croton

Time after time - words & music by Cindy Lauper

Where is the wisdom - words & music by P. Croton

The garden where the praties grow - traditional (Ireland)

When your love is all I know - words & music by P. Croton

I wandered by a brookside - traditional (USA)

The blind girl - words by Theresia Bothe, music by P. Croton

Black is the color of my true love’s hair - traditional (USA)

Life is fine - words by Langston Hughes, music by P. Croton

On the death of Langston Hughes - words & music by P. Croton

A foggy day in London Town - words & music by Ira & George Gershwin

Misty - words & music by Errol Garner

Another day in life with you - words & music by P. Croton