Theresia Bothe
Peter Croton

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Theresia Bothe & Peter Croton (voice, lute & guitar) have been performing together regularly since 2003. They have performed and recorded a wide variety of music ranging from the Baroque and Classical periods, to folk music, boleros, jazz standards and original songs. Their first recording, "Love Songs From Five Centuries - from Baroque to Folk" was released in 2006 by Centaur Records, their second CD "I'll sing a song for you", exclusively with songs by Peter,  was  released by Zah Zah (Guild), their third CD, with special guest Derek Lee Ragin, "Remembrance of Things Past", lute songs and solos by John Dowland & Peter Croton, has been released by Guild, and their most recent CD, "THE LUTE  PLAYER and other songs", has been released by Centaur.